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I've always worked hard to provide for my family of nine. Now I'm teaching my boys how to work hard and provide for their families. In my free time, however, I love getting out on the golf course and playing with my grandchildren.



I've always loved construction, and getting to do it with my family is an added bonus. I enjoy woodworking, painting, and sculpting in my free time. I learn quickly and work hard. One day I'd like to own my own art studio where I can teach others.



Being around family is important to me so here I am. I love playing awesome melodies on the cello and playing music with my brothers. When I'm not helping others, I'm blowing people's minds with magic tricks.



I love people and learning who they are. I also love building things and working on projects, especially with my brothers. I enjoy playing and creating music on the guitar and piano. I'm also a sponge for information, so if someone knows something interesting I want to know about it.



I love my family and wanted to be a part of the family business. I like running and competing on the track and field team. I also enjoy playing violin and piano because I love music.



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